Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sometimes Nature Is Too Much Even For Me

I'm embarrassed to admit that I shrieked when this thing jumped on me.
You know, I really do my best to live in harmony with the natural world. Yes, I do have to run the air conditioner several hours a day for seven months, but I balanced that out by converting the front yard from a water-guzzling lawn to a wildlife haven filled with native desert trees and shrubs.

I like to work in the garden all day in the company of birds and bees.

I encourage our spiders, large and small, to do their work of pest control.
Crab spider?

Black Widow Spider - I've seen them kill scorpions many times their size (below)
I really have no sympathy for these - I keep getting stung!

 I rescue poor confused snakes and lizards from the pool all summer. 

I even put up with some of these pests...

But once in a while, something comes along that is too weird!
I was just walking around the back yard yesterday, minding my own business, when this thing flew right into my face. It was scary.
When I recovered my composure - and when the bug removed itself to a tree - I was able to appreciate its beauty. The body is about 1/2 inch long, and then it has those crazy red legs. It really has the most amazing colors. It likes the mesquite tree. The closest I can get to an ID is that it may be related to the Giant Mesquite Bug, Thasus neocalifornicus.


I've recovered from the shock, but honestly, I can do without any more surprises hitting me in the face for a while!


  1. You have some amazing creepy crawly things about your garden!Don't quite like the sound of the Black widow Spider or the scorpion I must admit.The canine pest looks a sweetie though!

  2. ...also...have not the faintest idea what the other bug might be (obviously) but it certainly looks startling!!

  3. Eueew - my skin is crawling just looking at them! I have arachnophobia big time. They literally freak me out. So you have much more patience than me. On the flip side - loved the little bird and puppy pictures!

  4. Okay, that is one creepy bug!!!! Like you, I would definitely appreciate it from a distance. But on my face? I would scream like a little girl!