Friday, February 1, 2013

Sewing? Really? When?

I have sewing plans. Big, exciting plans. The fabrics have been measured and pressed.  The buttons, zippers, linings, and interfacing are ready. The patterns have been double-checked. I’ve even cut out the first two garments.

Yet I still can’t seem to get any momentum going. It’s not like I have anything important to do, it’s just that I have one interruption after another. I don’t know how people with real jobs or kids get anything done.

But at least I can share my plans! It’s another color-coordinated group. I seem to have good luck finishing those. The fabrics are all shades of dusky blue.

It’s sometimes called slate blue, evening blue, brittany blue, steel blue, or simply grey-blue.
Natural blue slate. source

To me, it looks a lot like water reflecting the sky at dusk.
Lake Powell at dusk, Sept 2007

I’m doing a 70s theme here, which at first glance seems as though it could go very badly. Or it could be a wild success.

In my mind’s eye, the designs take on a completely different look in, say, blue cotton twill, than the kelly green polyester pictured on the pattern.  

Let’s hope that the reality of the end result resembles my vision.
All I need is an uninterrupted month or so…



  1. I do like that Simplicity 6024. I hear you on the time for sewing. Hope you find that uninterrupted month.

  2. Love the color hues you've chosen... Yes! getting anything, I mean anything done, with all the extras... is a challenge... The pants is a nice change of pace from seeing ladies wearing skinny jeans that DO NOT make anyone, look good.... You know seeing the crack of a thirty something mother is really not flattering... (gross)... The Seventies done up, and not so much of the funky patterns would be classy once again...

  3. I feel that way too, lately. So many interruptions - or maybe it's so little discipline (on my part).

    Love this shade of blue - and Lake Powell at sunset? Lake Powell is one of my very favorite places on earth! So tickled to see it here. I feel I grew up in part there - we spent so many, many weeks there every summer.