Friday, January 10, 2014

The Autumn Afghan

This blanket is only my second crochet project, after a skinny and unevenly stitched scarf, and I admit that the scope might be a bit grandiose for a beginner.
The finished size, if it ever does get finished, is supposed to be 60 by 80 inches. I started this back in November, or possibly even October, so I can’t remember why, exactly, I thought that size was necessary.

It’s a granny stripe pattern based on Lucy’s gorgeously gorgeous blanket of gorgeousness.
The important thing for me is that the stitch looks fancy but it is super-simple and very repetitive, so I can’t get into very much trouble. (Although I do occasionally do a group of four or one instead of three if I’m not paying attention.)

This Autumn blanket is now a Winter blanket, which is very nice for working on, and under, while watching TV in the chilly evenings. But if I don’t hurry up and finish, it will be a Spring blanket.



  1. It's lovely! I spent many hours crocheting last winter, and am wondering now why I am not currently. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
    xo, Anita

    1. With all your projects, you might not have the time for crocheting! It is a nice activity if you're one who can't stand to be idle, though.

  2. Love the blanket...don't worry about the odd cluster mistake no one will notice!
    I love making scrap blankets like this as I absolutely detest sewing motifs or squares together.Usually I just grab a ball of wool and use it until it runs out.All of our crocheted blankets when I was little came from my grandmother and were crocheted like this in random stripes and I am in fact as I write this sat under one of my grandmothers blankets...I took it to college with me when I was 18 ( I am nearly 53 now!) and it was on my bed at home before this for some years so you can tell it has seen some service!
    Keep crocheting!!

    1. That's fantastic! If this one lasts me that long, I'll be almost 90! Of course, it is all inexpensive acrylic yarn, so I can't ask for that much of a lifespan. But it is a fun project, and does have that grandmotherly look to it as well.

    2. That's assuming I finish it by the time I turn 90.