Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Midsummer Daydream

There’s still something magical about the summer solstice, even though the day length doesn’t vary much at this latitude, and I’m unlikely to dance in the forest at midnight. (Just saying it’s improbable, not impossible.) Today I might find a snowy movie to watch or maybe read a book set in Iceland or Alaska.

For more cooling effects, here are some photos of cool places I visited on my last trip to Northern California.
My favorite bridge
A very blue Pacific
Quiet beach
Favorite Inn

Gardens at the inn. So green!
Sweet-smelling jasmine directly below our window!

Favorite restaurant

I hope you enjoy cool breezes or warm sunshine (whichever you prefer!) for your summer celestial celebrations.



  1. Lovely California pictures. Far too long since I visited - twenty years - scary!
    Warm sunshine please and today the weather obliged!

  2. I love both; warm sunshine and cool breezes! Today we are experiencing hazy, hot and humid. There is just the slightest of breezes, but it is more of a tease than anything useful. I'll take it though!
    Your California pictures are beautiful; it's been far to long for me as well.

    1. I heard there was record heat in the Northeast. Hope you're able to take cover and stay comfortable!

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures from California! It makes me long to travel there. I haven't been in probably 15 years - since husband #1 and I drove highway 1. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer solstice!