Friday, June 15, 2012

Reorganization Time Again

Back in the old corporate days, we dreaded our company's continual, arbitrary reorganizations, because so much time was wasted and the result seemed to be so much disorganization.

Now that I find myself regularly reorganizing my own workspace, I don’t think the effort is much more productive, but I do have a few moments of feeling quite accomplished as I view the clean surfaces and the color-coordinated supplies stacked on shelves.
This time I’m going all out and taking everything out of the sewing/craft room, including furniture, so I can clean the carpet and then reconfigure the layout. Due to the piecemeal acquisition of things, I’ve got five bookcases on three different walls, two rolling desks, a table and two chests of drawers, all randomly placed. Plus my creative activities have to get their own storage spaces. Currently there is no single area to go to for paper arts, or even sewing for that matter. Every drawer and shelf contains a jumble of unrelated items.

This is the current situation:
It’s hard to see my scribbles, but the basic theme of disorganization is probably visible. There is actually much less open space than the drawing indicates, since I didn’t bother drawing all the miscellaneous boxes and bags on the floor.

So the first step is to get everything out.
Next, go through and discard everything I can.

Getting the carpets cleaned will be a high point of the process.
Then the furniture goes back into the room. Hopefully this time it will be in a more logical and utilitarian layout:
My goal for the supplies is to put all sewing and fabric-related items on one side, all paper and book-related items on the other. The plan doesn’t show the ironing board or the dress forms, since those tend to move around in response to my immediate needs.

Check in next week to see if I can actually accomplish any of this!



  1. Wow, good luck with all that!

  2. That is an impressive "re-org chart". Have fun, I bet you accomplish it all!

  3. What an awesome undertaking, and you're so organized about it!

    I am so excited about newly organized space as well; you're a bit closer to it then I am, though. The chair rail went up yesterday; next week will be doors and painting. Then floors. It's getting there, slow but sure! I look forward to enjoying your accomplishments in the meantime!

  4. Hi Anita! I'm more excited about yours than mine: a brand new, custom space is always a bit nicer than one put together of mismatched overflow from the rest of the house. Still, it's all about utility and economy here, and indeed I will have it up and running pretty soon.