Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just More Complaining, Plus Photos

I will not be giving an update on the vegetable garden today. I went out there with such high hopes, expecting to find bright green leaves and flowers and fruit weighing down the vines after the wonderful inch of rain. Instead, I found mosquitoes. Really? I have to put up with stinging scorpions, poisonous spiders, poisonous snakes, poisonous lizards, killer molds, infectious soil fungi, pollution, drought, and ethically retarded politicians. Now I have to deal with mosquitoes too? So unfair.

Plus, the rain is over already. 


I didn’t even get around to pulling out my purple rain boots. Since it was so hot, we just splashed around in flip-flops.  

I looked around for any signs that the rain helped us out. Some of the native plants responded cautiously.  
The Texas Ranger (Leucophyllum frutescens) was willing to put out a few of its brilliant purple flowers, but not the full display, perhaps sensing that that the rainstorm was already coming to an end.

I initially thought these bright green seedlings were baby mesquites, since the trees drop hundreds of these long, tan pods full of seeds.
However, it turns out that mesquite seeds need to be digested by animals before they can germinate.
It's more likely that the little green plantlets are actually from the seeds of a Baja Red Fairy Duster (Calliandra californica).  
The seed pods of this unusual plant pop open and the seeds fly out in all directions, with the result that I now have six of them after only planting one. It's a favorite of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

I tried to get some shots of one my little hummingbird friends, but they were blurry as usual. I like to think he was going after the mosquitoes. They do eat a lot of bugs in flight, as well as snatching them from leaves and spiderwebs.   

Of course my two guardians followed me closely, ever alert to danger (or snacks).

So that's it. Of course we still have August, which is the traditional month for rain, so I will try to remain optimistic.



  1. We have the ethically retarded politicians to endure as well! Should that be ethically challenged to be pc?

    Our garden is totally bashed down by the continuous heavy rain. Not sure if there'll be any tomatoes. I picked a very small handful of blackcurrants yesterday but they weren't plump or sweet. We're trying to be optomistic for some sunshine!!! Apparently the jet stream is showing signs of shifting though so fingers crossed for that.

    1. OMG, just realized that is the best oxymoron EVER: politically correct!?!?!
      Too bad about all those lovely tomato plants you started on the windowsill. We'll hope for a late summer for you.

  2. Your guardians are soooooo cute and I love the purple rain boots! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, I love those boots, just don't get many chances to wear them!

  3. Optimism, from both gardeners and farmers and pets is essential with our weather this summer. Eye-gads! And I'd be anxious to wear those cute purple boots too! They're soooo cute.

    1. Optimism would certainly be an upgrade from my current state, which can be described as confusion combined with disbelief at the strange turns the weather has taken.
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. Yes ....ethically retarded politicians a world-wide plague I feel.
    Like Snippa says we have been dangled with the tit-bit by meteorologists that the jet stream is finally going to bugger off and sit back where it is SUPPOSED to at this time of year...meaning that we MIGHT actually get some seasonally appropriate weather for a change.I was out and about yesterday and believe me it was all any one was talking about....THE JET STREAM.Hopefully our hopes will not be dashed.
    My garden too is a mushy pulp and I feel so sorry for self-pick fruit farm owners as everything must just be mildewed.I have one Chilli on my!
    The native birds and insects are struggling too and many species of butterflies are not looking too good after this summer.There has been no summer and already the season feels like it is changing,well for me it is, as the Swifts will be migrating back to Africa soon.When I can't hear their gorgeous shrieking call I know that summer has started to be over....and it bloody well hasn't begun yet!!!!!
    Anyway,love the Hummingbirds,love the boots and definitely more snack-looking-for rather than danger-alert-action going on I feel if my dogs are anything to go by!

    1. About time the poor neglected jet stream got the attention it so richly deserves.
      The poor butterflies. That makes me very sad. And the poor swifts. I hope they got enough to eat before their long journey back to Africa. I feel as badly for the farmers worldwide as I do for the wilderness. Your farms with their short growing season must be in terrible shape. Because of the heat, our Midwestern states have just lost the entire grain crop for the year, including the corn (maize). Disaster for the farmers and everyone else.