Friday, July 13, 2012

Serving Up Delicious Spam

Fellow bloggers, do you ever read your spam comments? Some of mine are suitable for framing. 

“I am not much of an internet reader to be honest.”
  • That's okay, as long as you keep up with the important stuff.

“I am no longer certain where you are getting your info.”
  • It implies that at some point he/she was certain where I was getting my info.

“Electricity strolling, jogging, operating, and leaping are large influence actions.”
  • This is definitely a topic for a future blog post.

“That is good to know they are like that, many a time you get no response to these problems with other sites.”
  • Indeed.

“Tiffany Jewelry is a day-to-day offering, and was developed in and amongst the fertile lands of what is acknowledged nowadays as Pakistan.”
  • This is the kind of priceless insider information that makes blogging worthwhile.

“When these were put on, the bride turned to the groom and began laughing at how he looked.”
  • I wish I had been there.

“The posts are very short for novices. May you please prolong them from subsequent time?”
  • An historic moment: the first time anyone has ever asked me to write more rather than less. 

 “My husband and I are currently following the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet.”
  • Next you can try the Guaranteed Six-Figure Income 4 Slackers Plan.

“Your website is excellent but with images and clips, this website could be one of the greatest in its field.” 
  • I can reach for the stars! 

 “The best and stylish purses are usually in great need amongst all teams of ladies.”
  • Forget the jerseys, get team purses! 

 “That is really fascinating. You’re an excessively skilled blogger.”
  • Hear that, Napoleon Dynamite? I’ve got skills. Excessive  skills.

 Oh, the joy that spam can bring.

Have you had any inspiring spam recently?



  1. That was entertaining! Thanks for a good laugh! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Reading these comments and thinking that they were a bit of a hoot I immediately leaped for my spam box to gorge myself on the hilarity of its contents....only to find it completely empty.Another area of failure in my life has now opened up before me in that I cannot even acquire spam..funny or otherwise.
    The third comment down has to be my favourite.Keep checking and reporting!

  3. I drew a blank in my spam box too!
    Inspiring spam? Yesterday I watched someone eat a spam fritter. Does that count?

  4. Urban Rustic and Snippa, I am so sorry, that is a wretched disappointment for you both. Don't know why, but I have 30 or 40 in my spam catcher (these are just the "good" ones!). Maybe my settings are different?
    Spam fritters? Could be an inspiration... Just don't mention spam pie. I don't want anyone getting ideas.