Friday, August 17, 2012

Very Generous Friends

I meant to report this fabulous bonanza some time ago, but it somehow did not make it on to my busy blog schedule. The Piemaker grew up in Northern Arizona and is very fortunate to still have many of his lifelong friends there. Some of them now have a small but exceedingly productive farm on the river in Cottonwood.
This Google Earth image of Cottonwood (red dot in center) has a lot of green, the indicator of a concentration of water in the desert.

A mixture of rich soil, clean water, aptitude, and good fortune have given these guys year after year of incredible bumper crops. So far this year, they have donated more than 1500 pounds of their produce to local food banks, in addition to provisioning their families and friends for months to come.

After a recent visit, the Piemaker came home with loads of tomatoes, peppers, squash, cukes, corn (maize) and other goodies after a weekend harvest party. They even had an assembly line going at the vacuum-packing machine since there was such an abundance of corn.

I was so excited by the sheer abundance that I couldn't hold the camera still. All of my photos are blurry.
But what do we do with blurry photos? We make them even more blurry!
"Still Life with Tomatoes" courtesy of Photoshop's watercolor filter.

Salads and soups and stir-frys, oh my! 


  1. Wonderful!! so nice that people share still.Isn't that what life should be about...and also about getting excited about can't get any better than that or am I just getting too old?

  2. I second that! Just wonderful.
    Heartening to hear of good things going on. And who wouldn't be excited about veg like that?

  3. When someone shares something from their garden or farm, they share something so special. I had a neighbor who used to share her perrenials from the flower garden too. I'll never forget that.

  4. So happy to hear of your friend's good fortune! How wonderful that they shared their bounty with you. You are blessed!