Monday, September 17, 2012

Mauve Madness III

If you’re already tired of mauve, bad news for you – this is going to last for at least another week!

First, a report on the iron situation. I still don’t have a new one!
Cracked base from one too many crashes onto the floor
This is my old iron, a Rowenta DM 880 at least 10 years old, maybe as much as 15. The funny thing is, even with the huge crack at the base and pieces missing, it still works! With longevity and reliability like that, my first inclination is to just get another of the same model, but as we all know, that is rendered impossible by manufacturers’ continually phasing out the old things and introducing new “improved” things.
I have several recommendations, and many thanks to those of you who gave me information. Still, I can’t make a decision. It is so stressful to look at all the different options, compare prices, functions, ratings, and still not know which is the best investment. The models that got high ratings from Consumer Reports have low ratings on Amazon and Epinions, so I’m in a quandary. I’m just glad I can press a few seams flat with the old iron while I try to make a decision.

Now, back to mauve. The nice part of today’s update is the skirt.
No pattern, just a simple half-circle of this uneven plaid. It did take a lot of fabric, since I like my skirts long, usually 40 to 42 inches. Since this was 60” wide I was able to do the half-circle in one piece. One seam, with back zip and a waistband – easy!

The not-so-nice part is the top.

Of all the views on B4347, I liked the neckline on view D the most.
For some reason, I focused on the gathered-collar effect and completely ignored the lower portion of the front, which essentially forms a sweater-halter. Very odd.

Here’s a prettied-up version of my top, with all the pieces pulled and pinned into place to “fit”.
I don’t think anyone would wear this.

Here’s what it actually looks like.
Two sizes too big, with floppy edges on the collar portion that sag lower and lower until I’m tempted to use them for groceries, or… 
First aid! source
A baby! source
Tiny dogs! source
Overall I made three mistakes with this top: a) I chose an uncomplimentary style based on a drawing, b) I selected the wrong size, and c) I used a fabric that was too loose and stretchy. If I were to do anything at all to this top (other than toss it) I would cut an entirely new front from the small amount of fabric I have left and convert it into a V-neck tee. For now it’s going into the time-out basket until I’m done being mad at it.

I happen to have an old J.C. Penney top that’s a similar color. Unfortunately it’s faded, pilled, and generally in bad condition, but I still love it, so I can’t seem to get rid of it. It got to stand in for today’s mauve outfit photo.
Next in line is a dress which is more on the plummy side of mauve but it’s still in the collection. Have you noticed how cleverly I’m avoiding any gardening or other work while I’m working on this project? It’s all working out very well for me.



  1. Love that Butterick 4347. I might have to try that one. It looks so comfortable.

    1. The plain turtle neck style might be a good bet.

  2. Glad you've managed to keep your sense of humour and find a positive angle on the top.
    I wear mauve a lot, it's my neutral since I don't suit the tan/stone/beige colours. Keep 'em coming!
    How's your weather? Cold here today and feeling very much like Autumn.

    1. I like to pretend it's Autumn but we still have high around 100 (38C) and low 80 (27C). It's cooler than a month ago but we're still very sweaty and uncomfortable.

  3. Gorgeous skirt!!!
    Shame about the top though.
    Quite cool here...had to get the old hot water bottle out last night!

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