Monday, September 24, 2012

Mauve Madness – The End!

I should have called it Mauve Month – it took me that long. I finished up with two easy projects.

First, the drapey cardigan in a reversible pink and grey waffle knit.
V8718 trousers from here 
This pattern is another of the Hot Patterns freebies at

Very quick to cut, sew, and finish! It’s just a back piece and the fronts that can be cut in one with the extended drapes, or cut separately and sewn together. No fancy seam finishes are required, since knits don’t fray, and even the edges can be left unfinished for a casual look, as I did with my sporty waffle knit. For a cleaner finish you could hem all the edges, or you could bind them with bias trim.
It can be worn with the front cascading down, or with a tail tossed over one shoulder, or with the ends tied together and looped around the neck. Fun!

The very last piece of the collection is another peasant-style blouse in a floral challis.
Very Prairie
A more refined look
Challis from an eBay vintage shop. The metallic gleam hints at a 1980s date.

I put a ¾ length sleeve on this one and enclosed the edges in French seams, but other than that, I followed the pattern. 
Another lovely 1970s pattern

And now ... {drum roll}...  the final review of Mauve Madness Month!
click to see larger
  • 3 blouses
  • 3 skirts
  • 1 dress
  • 1 cardigan
  • And only 1 disaster!
I worked solely from the stash, using about 18 yards of fabric and I didn't keep track of linings. I did have to buy some buttons and thread, but all together I would say this was a good stash-busting project and a very inexpensive month's worth of entertainment. And I have a lot of new mixy-matchy clothes.

That should take care of my sewing urges for the short term at least. I suppose I should get back to the neglected chores, pay the bills, and stock up on dwindling household supplies. Back to real life!


  1. I'm so impressed with all your marvelous mauves. I don't ever finish that many garments in a whole year let alone a month! All lovely too - a complete wardrobe.

    1. Thank you! I seem to do better if I sew things in planned groups - my inspiration lasts longer and I end up with fewer UFOs.

  2. Wow--you got a lot done this month! I love the skirt with the pleats.

    1. Thanks! I like it too, and it was definitely the most challenging of the whole lot.