Friday, March 30, 2012

Pants Pattern Project - Almost Done!

I’m getting close to the finish line on my pants project. At the beginning of the month, I wanted to develop four properly-fitted patterns. I’ve got two of them finally perfected, one more finished but not photographed, and the final one I think (hope) will go much more quickly.

I first attempted the fitted, narrow-leg pant, starting with B5614. I made adjustments for the round belly and the flat seat. You will recall that the first pair was very baggy and the second pair was a bit too tight. I did get my Goldilocks ending, but only after I took in the sides on the third pair, which somehow was too large again. The fabric was a medium weight stretch twill. It is amazing that the small amount of stretch really makes that much difference in fit. I made a note to myself on the pattern to cut larger or smaller depending on the fabric.

Here are the three pairs, you can see that I also shortened them as I went on.
They all fit well. I took in the black pair quite a lot, I let out what I could in the light blue pair, and the new teal ones are a good fit although not the skin-tight look that you may expect from something like the popular Clover pant. The Clovers look gorgeous in the photos I’ve seen, but I don’t think they’d look quite that smooth and sleek on me. I posted a review of B5614 on PR.

My next style was the wide-leg trouser, which has always been my favorite for both looks and comfort. I started with V8718, took in the back inseam by an inch, and drafted a curved waistband. The first pair, the gray ones, fit fine. I couldn’t quite believe it, so I made a second pair to be sure.

This is a beautiful deep green basketweave cotton from Fabric Mart. I was very brave, and added side seam pockets. They work! And the sides don’t gap open when I'm wearing them!

Both pairs are lined, the gray in Bemberg and the green in very lightweight cotton.

Next time: Self-drafted patterns - jeans and sailor pants!



  1. oh, very nicely done, Katrina. I love the green color. You'll have a lovely trouser wardrobe!

  2. What fabulous pants; they are all beautiful! You must be very pleased. And I am jealous of the sewing time you have; thanks for sharing so that I can live vicariously through you!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your self drafted patterns next.

  3. Top notch sewing!
    I wouldn't even attempt those lined trousers. One day I might be half as neat as this.
    Thanks for the encouragement and motivation.