Monday, March 5, 2012

Garden Goodness

March is gardening month here, and it’s usually the last time we Phoenicians can comfortably work outside until late October. So, although I’ve committed to muslining (is it a word?) my pants patterns, I also should get a few outdoor tasks done while I can.

I’m already late for the winter-to-summer vegetable garden transition. Most summer vegetables need to be seeded before the end of February so they have time to mature and set fruit before the over-100 degree heat arrives in May. Tomatoes in particular will flower profusely in the heat but not set a single fruit.

last year's tomatoes, right before summer

Fortunately, I’ve decided to omit the tomatoes from the garden menu this year, and do a little crop rotation with peppers and squash.

a great seed company with all desert-adapted varieties

I’ll put the squash seeds into last year’s tomato beds, and plant the peppers where I’ve just pulled the winter beans and peas out.

these pepper varieties have grown for me in the past

There are some survivors from the winter garden. I am still coaxing a few leaves of lettuce, harvesting loads of parsley, and trying to keep the cilantro shaded to postpone the inevitable bolt. And, the carrots are coming on strong! If any of you have tried growing carrots, you probably know that patience is absolutely crucial. Even though the seed packets usually estimate 60 days to harvest, I find it is more than twice that.

These were harvested at 140 days!

Wish me luck with the vegetables, although we are at the mercy of the weather, so... wish me luck with the weather!



  1. Luck with both the vegetables and the weather! Gardening is a tricky undertaking at best; I admire your results.

    I think that muslining should be a word; all us sewists know what it means in any event!

  2. Absolutely amazing to consider your weather. We had snow yesterday. I won't be sowing my outdoor tomato seeds for weeks yet. We're at the mercy of a different type of weather!