Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is It May Already?

Looks like two whole weeks flew by while I snoozed (actually sneezed, mostly).

There are a few things going on, but my daily activities don’t lend themselves to photography or blog updates. Examples:

I sat in a spot of shade on the patio, while a hummingbird visited the flowers on my bright red shorts.
Of course I did not have my camera at the time.

After two weeks of daily workouts and no pie (okay, minimal pie), this number refuses to get any smaller.
 The scale must be broken.

I pulled this dress out of a pile of UFOs from last year, made some progress on it, then ground to a halt again.
It should be cute though, if it ever gets finished.

We have hit our first 100-degree day already, so I’ll just use the summer sun as my excuse ... for everything.




  1. I can't believe that you have so much heat already!
    Years ago when I was very little the summers were always hot...and it is just not warped memory here they really were hot.These days like this last week end when we do have dry sunny weather it is always with a cooling breeze.Yesterday was summer dress weather (just) today it was back to winter woolies!
    I would live to live somewhere that was actually warm/hot for a change.
    Hummingbirds!! wow!
    I only use my scales to weigh luggage now.
    Enjoy your heat...some of us are "blue" on a daily basis!

  2. Woah! 100 degrees. Yuck. Next time you step on the scale, do it in the morning, in your birthday suit, after you go to the bathroom, and without shoes. Then it will budge. I'd love to see that number again. :(

  3. Found you I think, from SweetLifeGarden.
    Anyone with piles of UFO's and 70's Simplicity, I understand. Looking forward to reading here.
    Trish :)

  4. Wow - I wish my scale would "break" at 146!! Ha-ha! Mine's stuck at 164 (just flip flopped). 100 degrees? yikes! Now that's hot!