Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Its Element

The tiny verdin is a bird I’ve seen in the past, as it visited my garden to snack on bugs and flowers.

I did wonder where they nested, but this year I don’t have to wonder. I have a large, noisy family of them right in my back yard.

 (be sure to click on photos to enlarge)
Hiding in plain sight
Verdin (Auriparus flaviceps) in a mesquite tree
Other than its chipper conversation, the main feature of the verdin is that it’s very difficult to see (and nearly impossible to photograph). It has perfect camouflage for the yellowish-greenish-gray foliage of our desert scrub.

Peeking out of the pyracantha
Finally visible!
Eating an insect on a branch of the lemon tree.
I will gladly welcome more of these birds and any other insect eaters to the garden.


  1. It looks as a sweet little thing!
    I have several birds nesting in the garden but I don't know how the cold weather has affected them as it has been a very gloomy Spring so far so very few insects about for hungry mouths.
    At long last the Swallows and House Martins are back and hopefully the Swifts will appear soon.