Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mix-N-Match McCall's

This colorful patchwork print ITY
from Fabric Mart, sometime last year
was originally intended for this pattern

as part of the all-70’s slate-blue collection that I planned way back when.  

Since it is now April, which in Phoenix is the thermal equivalent of August in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere (we’ve hit 90 F/ 32 C already), the allure of a long-sleeved, maxi-length polyester dress has pretty much evaporated.

However, I do have a couple of short sleeved tops made of poly-ITY that are inexplicably comfortable even in the summer heat. So went to the pattern stash to search for a compromise between 70s groovitude and polyester discomfort.

I found these two dress patterns from McCalls. They look similar in the photos, but the line drawings have a number of key differences.
I like the gathered shoulders on M6073 but I’d prefer a bit of a sleeve as on M5662 in view F. In fact I would have used M5662 if only the skirt were gathered in the back, which it is not. M6073 has skirt gathers in front and back, which I prefer.
So I hodged bits of both patterns together into a podge of a dress.
front: the pattern is simple,
the fabric is wild
The shoulder gathers from 6073 went onto the sleeves from 5662. The midriff band from 5662 is with the gathered skirt from 6073. Somehow it all worked out, and I like the look of it.
I'm not too sure about the wearability yet, as I still ended up with a maxi dress in polyester.
Yes, I could have made it shorter, but I just hate having 1/2 yard of fabric left! Too little of it to make a top, but too much to throw out. My scrap bin is already overflowing!

I’m giving it a test run on a dinner date next week, after which I’ll know for sure whether it’s going to be a summer dress or be relegated to the closet until next fall.
What’s on your sewing/crafting table?




  1. Such a pretty dress - I love the mixing of fabrics and patterns you've used. And I think that type bodice is so flattering. I'm always impressed with how creative you are Katrina.

    On my sewing table? I just finished a pouch type thing for a "pillowbook" for my daughter that hold a beautiful purple leather journal (an idea I gleaned from The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite) and a very modern quilt pattern I'm starting to cut from an Amy Butler collection called "Alchemy." Love it! It's for a summer weight quilt for my bed with lots and lots of color.

  2. I love this dress stylish.
    I love the 70's pattern too.
    I know what you mean about fabric leftovers you might just as well make as much dress as you can out of one bit of fabric because you can be sure there will never be enough of any remnant to make anything worthwhile.Plus you can never have too many maxi dresses as far as I am concerned.
    Can't believe how hot it is where you are...we are still in drab winter and thermals still form a major part of my wardrobe.

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