Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lost and Found – Part 2

Today’s lost and found treasure is one of the ones I had completely forgotten about: sheet music from the 19-teens.

The Hawaiian theme must have been popular.

[click to see larger]
They're Wearing 'Em Higher in Hawaii - 1916
In My Dreams of Waikiki ( Maids of Honolula Danced the Hula Hula) - 1917

I am not a musician, so much of the charm of written music is probably lost on me, but sometimes I can’t resist these beautiful old booklets. I suppose I originally planned to frame these, but that obviously never happened, and they made their way to the bottom of a drawer.

A nice surprise on the back of In My Dreams of Waikiki:

The colors on the cover of Rose Waltz – mint green and red! – are gorgeous.

The combination of the river drawing, the scrolly frame, and the multiple fancy typefaces on Swanee Ripples – WOW!

 Aren’t these wonderful? The last thing I need is another vast collection, so in the future I will have to avoid the music section of antique stores!

Coming up in Lost and Found: more music, lots of books, and, of course, fabric.


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  1. These are beautiful - artwork in themselves. Wasn't life romantic back when? What treasures!