Friday, June 28, 2013

TGIF (Finished!)

This dress is finally finished! It only took me two months!

I had this partly sewn and pinned together in early May. It was on the sewing table all through the cleaning and decluttering upheaval. I refused to return it to the UFO pile, and so it sat there as a daily reminder of all my sewing projects that really needed to just get done.

Finally, an urgent need to get something else done is what finally pushed me to finish this and get it out of the way. As usual, when I finally put my mind to it, it went together quickly and left me wondering what all the procrastination was about.

It is a lovely pattern and I would definitely make it again if I didn’t have hundreds of others vying for my attention.

I simplified a couple of things and complicated a few others. The biggest complication was adding the piping along the seams of the bodice. Getting the lines to meet at a nice point in the center front took a lot of trial and error. The piping insertion is far from even, in spite of my patient basting and careful stitching.

However, I made sure that the piping matched at the back.
Notice that I was completely blind to the mismatched fabric pattern, but that piping looks solid!

A minor complication was my decision to convert from a one-piece dress to a top and skirt. It didn’t create a lot of extra work – I just cut a simple A-line and added an elastic waist – but it did use up every last iota of fabric. I would have made the top an inch or two longer if I had any extra, but I think it is wearable as is.

How did I simplify? By using this fabulous KNIT fabric! 
It’s a pique knit, the waffle-textured kind found in Polo and Lacoste shirts. I think this fabric came from Fashion Fabrics Club but it was so long ago I can’t be sure. All cotton, with just enough stretch to be comfortable, but it won’t pull out of shape. It is perfectly cool and comfortable for summer. I think this fabric came from Fashion Fabrics Club but it was so long ago I can’t be sure.
I thought I would still need the back zipper called for in the pattern because of the non-stretch piping, but I gave it the pull-over test, and sure enough, I was able to slip it on with the back seam stitched completely closed. Hooray for knits!

Now here is something amazing I found on Etsy the other day:
It looks like almost the same print, but it’s on a very different fabric. What a gorgeous dress! For sale here.

Well I’m glad I made mine and it fits nicely. And what a relief to finally get it off the sewing table and out of the way. Now, what’s next?



  1. This dress and that nautical piping is fantastic Katrina! Now what fun holiday/summer event are you going to enjoy wearing it to? I always look forward to what you'll be working on next.

    1. I was picturing a lovely 4th of July picnic, or maybe a coastal yachting event. Ha! Neither one probably, since I'm landlocked and it's around 115 degrees.

  2. Just such a wonderful dress.The fabric and piping suit it so well.I often look at similar dress patterns from the 70's but having had many a vintage disaster that makes me feel on the one hand that I should steer clear of them however,on the other hand, this dress makes me feel like I should have a go after all.I don't think you can go wrong with a classy Vogue pattern though.Well done on producing such a stylish little number.
    Hope you are managing to survive the heat where you are and that those fires finish soon.Thinking of you xx

    1. Thank you. I find those 70s Vogues irresistible and feel quite pleased that this one came out wearable.

      We are surviving the heat (by staying inside all day) but are very sad about the loss of many firefighters yesterday. Really awful.