Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Unflattering Dress

Here’s a dress I sewed up as an interim project while I was caught in a conundrum with another dress (to be explained in detail next week).  

The cotton fabric is an odd mixture of colors and patterns: an uneven pink and orange plaid-like design, framing turquoise cacti, all on a taupe background.
I can’t decide whether this represents 50s kitsch or 80s clash. Anyway, the print somehow looks cute and I like the cacti, of course.

This was a very simple dress to make, but I should have taken some time to at least think about fit. The fact that it was a wrap-front made me lazy. Or maybe the fabric’s psychedelic colors threw me off course.

The bodice is too long, which makes the waist drop too low. The skirt is too full, although it might have looked better if the fullness hit at the waist and not on the outward angle of my hip.

I managed to match the pattern perfectly at the skirt side seams, but completely ignored the neckline. I didn’t even realize the problem until I had the thing put together.
Now it’s always going to look higgledy-piggledy unless I decide to do something about that 1-inch difference between the right and left bodice fronts.

Still, it’s not too much of a disappointment since it was meant to be a house dress, and that’s what it is. I used up my cactus fabric, some lining scraps, and several yards of bias binding in an odd peach color, so this was a good stash-busting project too.
and an orangey-pink button!

Next time, I will share my perplexing project predicament.




  1. Do not be too disheartened!!!
    The whole neckline thing isn't particularly noticeable...will the average person on the street get irritated by this if it is worn out in public?? I doubt it.
    Most of my big pattern disappointments have been with vintage patterns.Quite why I don't know.I think personal disappointment with something one envisages as a possible personal success is the only factor.I love the cacti print though...have you asked Stan and Corn their opinion yet ??

    1. You are quite right about the outcome vs. expectation! If only we didn't have the glowing vision of perfection already emblazoned in our brains when we started these things.
      S & C don't care about the fit of the dress but they are trying to be tolerant about the turquoise cacti.