Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Plants

Every year when I see little green shoots poking out of the ground I become hopeful for a healthy, green summer vegetable garden in spite of past experience.

I know that in less than two months the blistering-hot sun will scorch leaves, daytime temperatures will cause chronic wilting, and all the stress will make the plants susceptible to pests and diseases.

But this is such a cheerful sight!

This year I decided to just empty all my old tomato seed packets (some of them 7 years old!) into one of the planters and wait and see.

Obviously they are thriving in our lovely warm Spring. If the mild weather would last through May, we might just get a real tomato.



  1. Beautiful. ... can't wait to see them...

  2. Maybe this year WILL be different. A girl can hope, right?!
    xo, Anita

  3. wow you're so lucky you have a beautiful ad thriving vegetable garden! I must do that too!


  4. You are ahead f me we are just starting with the seeds, indoors. However we have just cleared the beds ready.