Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beginning Boxers

I am slowly but surely making my way through the construction of two pairs of men’s boxer shorts. I’m glad Peter is taking this step by step, because I had no idea of the complicated details involved.

navy double stripe shirting from, navy car print from Denver Fabrics

The fronts are finished, and I made my very first flat-felled seams! (They were only 3 inches long and crooked, but still!)

I figured out how to convert a “mock fly” from my silly McCalls pattern into a functional fly. (Hint: don’t sew the fly closed!)

The pattern I’m working from is for sporty shorts that people would evidently feel comfortable wearing out in public. The fly-like panel is sewn closed, they are much longer than underwear-type boxers, and have pockets! Not at all what I wanted to make, but it’s easy enough to use the basic shape and just add and subtract the necessary features.

It’s a lot of fun to make these, and I think I’m going to love them when they’re finished. I will be proud to give them as a gift!

That reminds me that it's time to start thinking seriously about all my other holiday gifts. And cards! I have to make the cards!

I'm just not ready to start the holiday countdown yet. Maybe in a few weeks?


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  1. I'm not ready to start the holiday countdown either! Maybe after Halloween.