Monday, October 24, 2011

Crafty Weekend

This weekend I actually crossed a few things off my list rather than adding more. Some great results, some okay results, lots of crafty fun.

First, I got my holiday cards done. I used to make a special card for each recipient, with a lot of stamping and painting on the cards. Now I'm not as inspired to do that kind of art, so these are just decorative papers with a greeting stamp, done assembly line style.


Then I finished up a project that I started a loooong time ago: covered journals. The idea of the fabric-wrapped notebooks was born of necessity: I wanted to make fabric book covers but I didn’t have a working sewing machine at the time. I thought a permanent fabric cover on a plain notebook was almost as nice.

Sometime in the pre-holiday season last year, I had cut out dozens of notebook-sized fabric pieces and started gluing them onto plain composition books. Then something came up, I dropped the project, and the books have been sitting in a box with all the tools and supplies for almost a year. This may be a procrastination record for me.

Now they are all done!

inside covers in contrasting fabric

old jewelry, ribbon, and other baubles gild the lily

And now that I finally have a functional sewing machine, I will also make some of the slide-on book covers that I'd originally wanted so many months ago.

Next up on the craft scene: closet accessories. I'm thinking maybe an over-the-door shoe pocket thingy, and definitely some covered hangers. More great ways to use up those fabric pieces lying around the place.

How are your holiday projects going?


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  1. These journals are so lovely -- do they make you want to write you memoirs? : > I love covered hangers too, they are so luxurious.