Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boxers Gone Wild!

I made my first two pairs of boxers on the MPB’s Men’s Boxers Sewalong!

Since they are for my partner, I used two conservative shirting fabrics. Well, one conservative, and the other a groovy retro print but in a conservative color. I think they came out perfectly, but I don’t know whether they will fit him. I have a McCalls unisex pattern and the medium fits waist 38 to 40. In this loose-fitting short, the waist and hip are the same, so I’d expect the waist of the pattern pieces to be a bit larger than 38, for ease. But for whatever reason, the actual pattern for the medium makes a short that has a 48-inch waist/hip. That is 10 inches of ease! I didn’t know exactly what to do, since the Piemaker is actually quite slim in spite of the endless pies. So, I made one pair in the full 48 and cut one down to 44. They might both end up being too big! But it was a fun experiment.

Then, since I was on a roll, I got into my novelty fabrics and pulled out a few 1-yard pieces. Cutting down the boxers pattern to my size, I can just squeeze it onto a yard of 45-inch fabric, with some creative cutting.

And I went a little nuts with the embellishments! I’m just going to wear these as PJs, not underwear, so they don’t have to be smooth. I added lace, buttons, ribbons, and bows. I love them!

UPDATE: I forgot to put the info for these great quilting fabrics! Blue dogs: Free Spirit’s Boys will be Boys, from Stone Mountain & Daughter; Roman Numerals: Quilting Treasures’ An Appointed Time from; Chartreuse Owls: Fabric Editions’ Bugs & Friends from

That put me right into the mood for more cute undies, so I’m getting ready to sew along with A Few Threads Loose. We are making a gorgeous lingerie set from a 1940s pattern. I'm using some nice lightweight cottons from the stash, but I ended up going to the fabric store anyway. I didn’t buy any fabric though. Yaaaay for me! I needed elastic and satin ribbon, so I went to my favorite fabrics-by-the-pound place. I came out of there with six 10-yard bundles of elastic, trim to match all my lingerie fabrics, and some hook-and-eye tape, all for less than ten dollars. I know it’s an overused saying, but really I couldn’t afford NOT to buy it!

I’m also finishing up a few UFOs and alterations. I haven’t decided what’s up next after lingerie, and I probably should hold off until I get some of these other things finished. But I did some digging in the stash and unearthed some really fun penguin print knit that is looking like it would be an adorable set of jammies and maybe a robe.

More pajamas? I guess you can’t have too many.

Have you made lingerie or pajamas? Anything I should know before I start?



  1. Katrina - those boxers you made for yourself are Too Cute! Is that Snoopy on one of them? Love the penguins too - they are very artful.

  2. Patti I thought it looked a bit like Snoopy too!
    I meant to include the fabric source for all those, I've just updated the post.