Monday, April 30, 2012

April: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Fire-Breathing Dragon

If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you know that I am as obsessed with the weather as I am with pie, dogs, and fabric. This past month has been quite a ride. We started in the comfortable mid-70s, rocketed up to the 90s, suddenly fell to 65 one day, and then climbed steadily until the thermometer topped out at 105. As we close out the month, today’s high is only supposed to reach 94, but it’s not much comfort when we’re looking at the next five months in the hundreds.

I’ll be outside every morning watering the vegetables, and again every evening to make sure nothing’s been incinerated in the heat.

So far the squash plants are coming along fine.

The yellow pear tomatoes are ripening.

Tiny grapes with the flowers still attached.

The local wildlife will be looking for water, and I try to keep trays full for the birds.

The birds are more likely to visit their bathing area if it's well hidden in the shrubbery.

Look who I finally caught on film!

Gila Woodpecker, Melanerpes uropygialis. Curious and noisy!

Reptiles need water, too, and I put some shallow water dishes on the ground in the hope that our snakes and lizards can find them.
Groundsnake, Sonora semiannulata. They come in many beautiful shades of red, pink, gray and striped patterns.

I would like him to invite all his friends over so they can feast on our scorpions, crickets, ants and other pests!

Now is the time that the snowbirds leave for their cool Northern homes, locals plan vacations as far away as they can get, and I close the shutters and curtains and make sure the air conditioner is going to hold out for another season.

Summer, here we come!



  1. Hi Katrina,

    Thanks for your nice comment!
    We are obsessed with the temperature here as well in Montreal, up and down it goes and we recently had a patch of cold weather even a bit of snow!

    But this week we should get nice seasonal temperatures, about time !

    Ariane xxxxx

  2. Our temperatures have yet to reach double figures (celsius) don't know what that is in farenheit but it's cold - damn jet steams. Hailstones yesterday but definitely no snakes as yet.
    Not just a British fascination for the weather, I come from a family of particulary ardent weather watchers being gardeners in an often unfavourable climate.

  3. I know you get "heat" but just make the most of seeing sunshine and blue skies! Here in England as Snippa says our weather is not at all balmy...what with it being Jubilee year and the Olympics I think we can safely write off any summer weather at all!On Sunday it rained ALL day and never stopped so that after a week of rain the river burst its banks and flooded the fields.
    The British are seen as being obsessed by the weather but when you live in an unpredictable climate that can change from hour to hour ,let alone day to day,you have to be optimistic and keep hoping that some day soon you might actually get to see some sunshine.Most of the time living in England is like living in a Tupperware box...continually bland and grey and believe me it is very depressing!!If only we could swap some of our rain for some of your heat and sunshine......

  4. We are all over the thermometer in the Mid-Atlantic recently, as well! We had several unseasonably hot days early in April, and then some recent nights that we needed the heat on! But now that May is here, we can count on lots of bright sunshine and the return of the dreaded humidity. But I do so love Summer!