Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with Photoshop

I've been working on some secret projects, and I don't have anything I can show yet! Instead, I’ll offer up some silly fun today.

As you know, I love my little dogs, and I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of them. One particular shot continues to evade me: the picture of both of them sitting still, in the same frame, and both looking at the camera. I have hundreds of pictures of the two of them, but in 90 percent of them, someone’s got their butt turned toward the camera, and the other 10 percent are blurry due to movement.

I finally got a reasonably good shot of them at bedtime the other night, but it wasn’t very sharp.

Instead of trying to sharpen it, I blurred it a little more, and then mushed the colors around in the background.

Then I experimented with filters in Photoshop Elements.

The ones I liked best were Poster Edges:

And Solarize:

Chalk/Charcoal was interesting:


Enough silly fun?

I also want to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday today! Hope you have a wonderful day, and a great year, and many, many more!



  1. Secret projects; how fun!

    I love Photoshop and all the fun things that can be done with it. I don't do enough creative photo editing; I wish that there were a few more hours in each day!

    Happy birthday to your mom! Is one of the secret projects for her?


  2. Hee hee, yes it is! I seem to have fallen far behind in my crafting/sewing plans. Fortunately my family is accustomed to receiving my gifts late!

  3. Digital photography is such fun.
    Hope your Mom enjoys her birthday and present.

  4. It is one of the unwritten laws of nature that where there are two dogs and a camera present no acceptable photographic image will be produced.Have not had a go at photoshop yet but it looks tempting!

  5. Oh Katrina, your little doggies are so adorable! You must enjoy taking pictures of them! Thanks for sharing!