Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Must Watch TV

I’ve fallen in love with Bomb Girls, only to learn that there are only six episodes! Although the program was renewed for a second season, production has just begun, and there's no telling when the new episodes will be shown in Canada, much less here in the US.

This Canadian show is set in 1941 Toronto, where women have taken over the work of building bombs at a factory since most of the men have gone to fight in WWII.  
Waiting for their shift at the factory
Although I was drawn to the show by the promise of 1940s wardrobes and hairstyles, music, dance and period lingo, I was immediately impressed by the presentation of daily life for women of the time. Yes, it is somewhat glamorized for television, but the grim reality is there too.
My almost-twin, Meg Tilly (we were born 24 days and 400 miles apart) as the stern matron
Women dealt with shortages of food, toiletries, clothing and every other item we take for granted, and they were essentially single mothers raising their children. They lived under a constant burden of fear for their husbands and sons who could die far away. At the same time, they went into unfamiliar workplaces where they learned technical skills, performed dangerous jobs, and kept manufacturing going throughout the war. Through all of it, they were subjected to mean-spirited chauvinism by the male bosses and harrassed and undermined by the few male coworkers. Moments of joy came from family time, camaraderie with their coworkers, and the occasional flirtation with soldiers at the local pub.
the dresses!
The wardrobe designer did extensive research in the Canadian archives, and the GlobalTV website has some very nice photos of women at work and in everyday life during the war years. Yes, the wardrobe is fantastic. Every time I watch an episode show I jump and twitch with each scene change, coveting the incredible dresses and blouses. I’ve already got a mental list of styles I want to recreate.

All photos from Reelz channel





Bomb Girls is definitely worth watching if it comes to one of your television channels or if you find it on DVD (I don't know if it is available yet).



  1. I'll look out for this one, costmes look great.
    We don't tend to watch the tv dramas - all Downton type dross, as my daughter asked, "Why are all the dramas about posh people?".

    1. This one seems to split time pretty well between the factory, the boarding house of most of the girls, and one very posh home. Some of the drama is about about class differences as well as the gender inequality, so at least they touch on that.

  2. I have heard about that show and the fantastic wardrobe -


  3. Katrina, I'm with you on loving a show like this. Love period pieces especially when details are spot on. Haven't heard of this show but will see if I can find it.