Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seeds for Hurricane Relief

I hope any of you who were in the hurricane path made it through safely! I was awestruck by the images of waves in the middle of New York City and the terrifying rooftop rescues throughout the Atlantic states. Now that the immediate crisis is over, the difficult recovery starts. The numbers coming up on the news - in the several millions - of people without power, are simply inconceivable to me.

After one of these disasters I usually think of donating to the relief efforts, but to be honest, I do not always get around to it. It's a disgrace, but I guess people who are comfortable and secure find it too easy to forget about people who are in trouble.

Thankfully there are lots of reminders out there for people like me, and today I got an especially good one. It was an email from one of my favorite organic seed companies, Seeds of Change.

They are offering to donate $1 for every seed packet purchased through November 15 to the American Red Cross for hurricane victims.

Now I have an easy way to donate someone else's money (and get lots of seeds), and there is no excuse for not making my own donation to the Red Cross.

If you would like to check out the Seeds of Change catalog, here is the website.

If you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross, you can do so online.



  1. Thanks for sharing, Katrina. Timely thoughts about an overwhelming event! What a nice way to give.

    1. Hi Anne! You are welcome. I figured I needed a good kick in the pants, and wouldn't everyone else love to have one too! LOL
      I actually made a donation today, I was so proud of myself.
      Thank you for stopping by.