Friday, November 2, 2012

Something to Show for the Effort

It’s been a whole month since I planted my first vegetable seeds! Soon I’ll have to do the second round of seeds – I want to have the veggies come in stages rather than all at once, like last year.

Before I get started on that task, let’s check in with the month-old seedlings.

The northeast bed had hit-and-miss success. 
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The butter lettuce is doing well, but the mesclun did not come up at all. The cilantro and parsley look pitiful, but the carrots are growing profusely! I have to thin them soon, and of course I hate doing that.

The broccoli germinated but something is chewing holes in the leaves.
Stop eating my broccoli!
Hopefully that something will confine its chewing to the broccoli and not move on to the cauliflower!

The southeast bed is looking very good.
The peas are outrunning everything, with the vines already 6 to 8 inches long and the tendrils reaching out for something to climb on. Of the two types of spinach, one did much better than the other. Of the two beet varieties, I can’t yet tell any difference, as they both seem to be growing very enthusiastically.

Time for more seeds.



  1. Startling contrast to gardening here. Only the hardiest of veg grow through the winter - brussel sprouts, swede come to mind, but just about everything must be lifted and stored now. My father used to store potatoes in a huge earth covered mound over winter and carrots in sand. Freezers are a big improvement.
    Happy growing! We'll make do with the weekly tv gardening prog this evening.

    1. After my summer garden debacle, I think I'll have to rely on such methods myself next year. Actually I'll probably just go to the farmers market!

  2. That is so exciting. My garden is done for another year. I ripped the dying pumpkin vines out last week.

    1. It's probably nice to go into winter with a clean garden slate. When spring comes you'll be all ready to plant.

  3. so I am dealing with the hit and miss thing too.. No carrots and only some lettuce... I am getting spinach now that I reseeded them along with lettuce and carrots and I'm in hope of leeks and green onions... You have a lovely start and I have hopes that you will get a wonderful harvest... hugs...

    1. It's so mysterious that they come up in patches when you know you planted them in rows!
      I will be interested to see your leeks. I hope they grow well. I love leeks! I tried onions and garlic a few years back and got absolutely nothing.