Friday, November 16, 2012

So Many Projects

I finished a few small things, like taking in more shirts for the Piemaker, and a few big things, like a new duvet cover.

You might recall that I have a passion for these African prints or wax prints:

 I’ve been hoarding many yards of the fabrics and hesitating to cut into them. I made one dress last year, and the famous Giraftan, both of which I ended up liking very much.

A large scale project was what I needed to put some of these huge prints to good use. This is a simple envelope-style cover where you slide the comforter in, flip the top over, and button it closed.
click any photo to get larger view

I made a few pillows too.

This cacophony of color might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but my home décor has been taking a more “global” turn the last few years, with carved masks, woven wall hangings, and a jungle of house plants. I like how these colors and patterns add to the aesthetic (if you can call it that LOL).

That was a big accomplishment.


Still, somehow, after working non-stop for three days, I still have a big stack of projects to do!



  1. I'm sure your house can carry the prints. You have the sunshine and warmth at least.
    Over here our tartan woolen blanket is more climate appropriate!
    I used to live an area London with African fabric market stalls, I should have bought some. Maybe sometime when I'm in London I'll revisit.

    1. Makes sense! Being a mature(ish) person now, I like to think that the best decor is a compromise between comfort, culture, and personal aesthetic.
      These fabrics are just so appealing to me with the huge patterns and bright colors, but I admit, they are somewhat hard to find a use for.

  2. What a fabulous idea. I've often thought that those unquilted quilt tops I have would make a good duvet cover. Hmmmm....

    1. Especially for people like me! I have just enough stick-to-itiveness to complete some simple piecing, but I just don't want to take the time to put on the quilt back, do the quilt stitching, apply the binding, etc.
      Also good for easy pillow covers.

  3. They DO seem to multiply when you're not looking, don't they? I'm collecting some fabrics for a duvet cover too - love what you did here. For me, it's going to be an after the holidays project (because of the multiplying projects for Christmas gifts thing I have happening when I'm sleeping).