Monday, November 5, 2012

An International Award

I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. That’s right. The WORLD!

The very talented Virginia of Tangent Gardening nominated me for the award, and I thank her.

I’ve long suspected that I was part of a sisterhood of some sort, but I’m very pleased to have it confirmed, and to know that it is worldwide.

Accepting the award involves a few tasks, which are not difficult:
1.     Thank the blogger who awarded me
2.     Share 7 random (previously undivulged) things about myself
3.     Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of my choice and let them know that they have been nominated
4.     Include the award logo


Coming up with random things about myself is only tricky because I can’t remember what I have already divulged.  I hope that the following facts are new to you.

1. I have a sugar addiction, which is politely referred to as a “sweet tooth.” Not a big secret, you say?
2. I love animals. Maybe that’s not a secret either.
3. I have an intense love/hate relationship with television. I rant against its general idiocy, yet I keep getting caught up in network series that I think are well-made and entertaining.
4. Speaking of which, I recently got hooked on Veronica Mars and watched all three seasons from beginning to end. It’s fantastic! 
5. I love language. I love how one word can have ten different meanings, or there can be ten different words for the same thing. The patterns and rhythm of words in different languages are fascinating.
6. I was a vegetarian for a few years, way back in high school, but started eating meat again while I was in college. Since then I have struggled to make peace with my carnivory.
7. I read a lot. When I worked full time, I would read five or ten books a week, mostly because I spent so many hours on planes and in hotel rooms. Now that I’m a lady of leisure, sitting at home 90% of the time, I barely get through a single novel each week!

Now to share the glory. In keeping with the International nature of the award, I cast a wide net to find my seven nominees.
A Few Threads Loose - Anna is an American living in Norway, and she offers a tantalizing view into her life there. Everyday activities like shopping and job interviews become amusing anecdotes when faced with cultural differences. Anna collects amazing vintage patterns and a visit to her blog is always good sewing inspiration.

Cosir Coser Sewing - María José in Spain makes the most incredible purses, and her sewn wardrobe is creative and lovely. She’s made some magnificent garments from patterns but I am just as impressed with her no-pattern tops and dresses. As an extra bonus, once in a while she shares a photo of her beautiful local landscape.

Farbenfreude - Alessa in Germany is a medical student, who somehow manages to sew, travel, and keep up two blogs in addition to her studies! Seriously, you would not believe how many dresses she’s sewn and hats and gloves she’s knitted even with day and night classes, surgical rounds, even exams. Does the woman have extra brain cells? Alessa’s blog is also a favorite because I have a special love for small European towns and I enjoy seeing her photos of her travels around Germany, Austria, and elsewhere.

Foster Reviews It - Foster in Utah shares her favorite books, restaurants, places to go and things to do. See which ones get a 5-star rating! Foster sews and quilts, and, unwisely, has recently taken up crochet. It’s a slippery slope, my friend!

The Empty Nest Mom – Barb is certainly making the most of her empty nest – one day she’s on a ferry in Alaska, the next she’s backpacking through Germany and Italy. Her delightful photos and intriguing observations let us vicariously enjoy her adventures. 

My Happy Sewing Place - Debi is an American living in Scotland and her photos of the castles and cathedrals in that part of the world are so gorgeous and romantic I feel as though I’ve fallen into a historical novel. Of course her blog is actually about appreciating and constructing vintage clothing, and she is one of the most talented and generous sewing bloggers you will find. Be sure to check out her “ABCs of Vintage Sewing” series.

Snippa - Snippa in England gets a lot of awards from me, because I can’t get over being impressed with her many talents and wide range of interests. Her blog supplies a steady dose of sewing, knitting, and crochet artistry, and so much more: local culture, natural history, recipes, jewelry making, fiber arts, gardening, archeology, and now even homemade beeswax candles. It’s a wonderful surprise every time.

Congratulations everyone! As I always say, feel free to pass it on if you feel inspired to do so, but you are not obligated.



  1. Congratulations Katrina and many thanks.
    Hurray for the Sisterhood!

  2. Many congrats Katrina! I can't wait to check out these blogs - as always, you have a treasure-trove of fun and beauty here. All these international seamstresses - what fun! Thank you for the shout out - I'm always happy to have you around. Going now to link with these girls......

    1. My next exercise is to find some fun international gardening blogs.

  3. Veronica Mars, by the way? Never heard of it. But if you were hooked for all 3 seasons in one sitting - I'm checking that out too...

    1. If you like murder mysteries and precocious teenagers, this is for you! Definitely start with Season 1 and view the episodes in order, as they are like chapters in a book.

  4. Thank you for the award and thank you for warning me about the slippery slope of crocheting!

    1. Yes, very dangerous. You could be knitting socks sweaters soon, and before you know it, yarn-bombing entire city blocks.

  5. A fabulous congrats! Ya, sugar and I have a romance from time to time too! lol...

  6. Thank you for the award and thanks for saying such nice things about my blog.