Thursday, January 24, 2013

Actual Finished Objects - With Roses

Since many of you wanted to see my rose project, I’m happy to say I can finally share a view of the final product.

You will recall that a “rose pillow” was requested, but there were so many possible interpretations that I was a bit overwhelmed. I did not have time for intricate quilt piecing, and my eyesight is not good enough for extensive embroidery, so that narrowed the field. I thought a large center flower would make more of a statement than delicate vines or tiny rosebuds, which knocked out some of the other choices. Finally, I could not decide between applique and ruffles. So I did both!

For the applique, I downloaded dozens of rose shapes and then re-drew a few parts to make the shape I wanted.

White-on-rose pink floral cotton appliqued onto light pink broadcloth

The ruffled rose was created with satin blanket binding, gathered with a long machine stitch, and sewn to the pillow in a spiral to create the flower shape. I read a couple of tutorials on ribbon roses and although most of them are meant to create more three dimensional flowers for brooches or hair ornaments, I was able to use the gathering in this flat application.
Pink satin blanket binding on dark rose pink broadcloth, pink button center

To keep the pillows “matching,” I used the same color thread for the embroidered name (not shown in pics), the same color piping, and of course the same size. They are filled with 16” pillow forms.

For easy cleaning, I put a zipper in the back so the pillow form can be removed.  

The rose pillow project is officially done!



  1. Love the Pillows! So cute... Great work!

  2. Wow. I love them both but especially the ruffle pillow.

  3. These are so pretty, Katrina! Together they make a lovely bouquet.

  4. They came out beautifully! I am sure that the recipient will be thrilled. And I love the new look of your blog; so fresh and springy feeling!
    xo, Anita