Friday, January 11, 2013

Garden Update

There has been a slight improvement since I added a phosphorus supplement in the form of bonemeal to my vegetable garden. This was to offset the nitrogen overload I mentioned here.

The pod peas are giving us some nice edible pods now! Success!
The snap peas finally have flowers, but still no pods. These plants are now at 120 days (maturity date on the packet is 72 days).

The cauliflower plants are as leafy as ever, with lots of caterpillar holes but no sign of florets.

I was about to say the same of the broccoli, until I saw a tiny little flower starting in one of the plants. There is hope.
The tomato is covered with these promising fruits, which are hard as rocks. I’ve brought a few inside, but they show no sign of ripening.
The next challenge will be the upcoming freeze. The overnight lows are predicted to fall below freezing for at least two days, although I expect it to be four. I’ve got enough sheets to cover all the small plants, but the large citrus trees are going to have to tough it out.
The humans and beasts will all be huddling for warmth inside. We’re not used to freezing temperatures!

Hope you all have a nice weekend and stay warm!


  1. I'm the colour of those tomatoes with envy for your mild Winter temperatures!
    Snow forecast here this week end.
    I tidied up some dead growth from last year this week. We're just starting to see the Spring bulbs poking up.
    What a contrast!

  2. I really am so jealous that you can garden this time of year. We have about 1 foot of snow on our lawn.

  3. Another jealous gardener here.Last week end as it was fairly mild I hacked down all the dead brown stuff I should have done something with in the autumn as we now have bulbs coming up through the partially frozen soil.No snow just yet apart from a few flurries but as Snippa says it is on its way!

  4. What fun to see the lively progression of your garden when we're in the deep, dark depths of winter here. Thanks for the virtual tour of green growth!!