Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s Got High Hopes

This is our two-foot tall grapefruit tree, which is about five years old.

 It has 50-plus flowers.

If each flower developed into a half-pound grapefruit, this tiny tree would be holding up more than 25 pounds of fruit on its little branches.

Dream big!



  1. I can't imagine having a Grapefruit tree in the garden...it wouldn't survive in the conservatory as there is no proper heat in there either...lucky you!!

  2. I wish I could grow citrus here. Oh well. I hope yours produces.

  3. My neighbor here in SoCal grew a grapefruit tree from a seed (before we moved next door). It is now ten feet high with lots and lots of fruit. Oops there goes another grapefruit tree plant!