Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Construction

What’s that on top of the cactus? A pile of sticks?

A closer look doesn’t shed much light.
But a different angle shows a little doorway.
Close up, it appears our neighbors have not yet moved in. Perhaps there’s just a bit more work to do.

The builder was definitely security conscious. Even the persistent neighborhood felines will think twice before attempting that climb.



  1. how wonderful! there are birds rushing around my garden with all sorts of stuff in their beaks at the nests like this one though....or plants!!

  2. I love this! It's a bit too early for birds nest construction here, but seeing this really makes me feel like spring is in the air!

    And thank you for your visit and kind comment last week. After a stressful month or so, I have found my blogging mojo again. Here's to hoping that I can hold on to it this time!


  3. Those are some wonderful photos of that nest. I enjoyed your photos on your last post as well. I was in St. George this weekend and have some great cacti photos as well. They will be up on my blog soon.