Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Red

I got a few sewing projects done yesterday!

First, a very pretty, very red, plaid wool skirt. I managed to hand-stitch the hem during Sarai’s online fabric lesson yesterday – a rare case of enjoyable multi-tasking!

I wanted a maxi, inspired by this in Vogue Pattern magazine,
Vogue 8749

Sadly, I didn’t have quite enough of this mystery fabric – only 2 yards of 45”. I just love the deep red with the contrasting orange and blue. It seems to be a wool (heavy, scratchy) blend with rayon (drapey, shiny). I’ve had it in the stash for more than 10 years and although I think I might have gotten it at Hancocks, I can’t be sure. We haven’t had a Hancocks here for years, so that adds to the mystery.

The skirt is slightly less flared than the Vogue skirt - I used my TNT skirt pattern, M8474 from 1996.
The hem hits about 4 inches above ankle on me – perfect boot length! Now for some cold weather...

Next, I made two short-sleeved tops. The one on the left is from a lace curtain,

inspired by this lace shell from Coldwater Creek: Of course the Coldwater Creek version is a symphony in muted sophistication, and I refuse to clutter up my wardrobe with that kind of elegance, so I backed my ivory lace with contrasting black.

The other top,on the right, is an obvious Missoni homage in the crochet knit I got in my fabric splurge of last month. I did try to stay off that crazy zigzag bandwagon, but the colors of this print were so darn appealing.

Both tops are from my TNT – tee pattern M9185 from 1998.

It’s especially good for when I buy a single yard of novelty fabric! The multi-colored outer shell is backed with a white ribbed cotton knit.

So that's three projects off the list, plus major destash points: 8 yards if I count all the lining fabrics.

Still in the pipeline: Shoe holder + hangers; Peasant blouses: green silk, tan paisley chiffon; Caftans, caftans, caftans. Plus, all of the projects I’ve mentioned before, like coats and dresses, that I still haven’t gotten around to.

I’m just glad the book covers are done with – after making covers for 40+ notebooks, I will be happy if I never see one again!

Hope you all have a happy weekend.



  1. You get more sewing done in one day than anyone else I know gets done in a week! And all three pieces are just stunning. :-)

    I have a caftan in my sewing future as well, inspired by your post about them. I bought a pattern on Etsy shortly after, but haven't chosen a fabric yet. No hurry; I probably won't sew for myself until after the holidays. I am so far behind where I should be in regards to holiday prep that it frightens me to even think about it!

    xo, Anita

  2. I love the skirt! The t-shirts are wonderful. I've yet to make t-shirts although I have a Kwik Sew pattern for t-shirts in my "to-do" list.

  3. You are an impressive seamstress, Katrina! I love your new wool skirt for Fall/Winter. And I adore your comment about not "cluttering up your closet with that kind of elegance" : > I much prefer your lace top.

  4. Thank you all so much for your kind encouragement!

    Anita, I must admit that these things don't all get done in a day - in this case the projects were sitting in a pile,half-finished, for a week or more. But it sure feels like a big accomplishment when I can get through a bunch like this.

    Beverly, I probably don't need any more tee-style tops, but for some reason I keep buying one-yard lengths, and what else can you do?

    Patti, your beautiful style inspired me to stick to my long, drapey skirts instead of pushing too far out of my comfort zone with the shorter, tighter styles. Thank you!