Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Piemaker Strikes Again

It was my understanding was that we were taking a break from pie making until Thanksgiving. This is because we had a freezer full of pies and we had to make room in there for the upcoming holiday excess. The Piemaker usually makes two of everything and freezes one, or in the case of devastatingly decadent layer cakes, he puts half in the freezer. So I’ve finished off some buttermilk pie, some pumpkin pie, some german chocolate cake, and some apple cream cheese bundt cake in the last two weeks. This is why I maintain three wardrobes – one in a size 8, one in a 10, and one in a 12. We are pushing the upper limits now, and I still have to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Then this appeared on Sunday: a chocolate-pecan chess pie. I swear the Piemaker is trying to kill me with deliciousness. He also made grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers with sesame rice on the same day.

I’m not convinced this is a true chess pie, since I thought those were simple custard pies. However, I’m no expert since I’m only ¼ Southerner (Grandaddy from Alabama) and all the rest is Yankee. The recipe is yet another from Southern Living Magazine. I’m just going to cancel Martha Stewart and go with Southern Living now, their recipes are easier to make and consistently taste better than hers. Sorry, Martha!

We have 2 weeks to finish this one up, and then the serious holiday baking begins. We’re now in negotiations over the Thanksgiving offerings, but two are already established by tradition-we always have pumpkin and apple. What should our third pie be? Will I still be satiated with pecan, or should I put in a request for that? Something completely different maybe? Key lime would be great, but our lime tree decided to take the year off – not a single fruit on it! Ah, but the lemon tree is going strong – maybe lemon meringue. Never mind that we do not need three pies. That is beside the point.

I should probably also embark on an intense exercise program, starting immediately.

Is anyone else as pie-obsessed as I am?



  1. Yes, I am so into the holiday spirit early this year that all I want to do this weekend when it rains is put up my tree and bake pies.

    Chocolate pecan? Sounds good to me!

  2. Pecan gets my vote!

    And please tell the pie maker that he is welcome here anytime. What a lucky girl you are!

    xo, Anita