Friday, November 4, 2011

New Inventory Accounting Method

One of the things you learn in accounting classes is the different methods of inventory accounting: first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, weighted average, and others. I don’t know how I’d describe my fabric inventory, but I'm pretty sure there's no accounting method that could handle it.

When I reported my stash status at mid-October, I noted that I was in a little-in-much-out position. Now, looking back at the end of October, I find myself in the opposite, much-in-little-out situation.

What happened? I only used up about 10 more yards. That’s not counting all the pieces I’ve cut out for a plaid skirt, three tops, and the hanging shoe holder, because none of those are finished projects. I guess I got slowed down by these book covers taking longer than expected.

More Book Covers!

Plus I got into another fabric reorganization project, trying to clear some space and find some things while I was moving everything around.

Fabric organized! (temporarily)

And I suppose I had other things going on – local meetings for NaNoWriMo, finishing holiday cards, unexpected home repairs. Still, it’s amazing how you can get to the end of a week, or two weeks, and wonder what you did all that time.

Also, I had a lapse, well, actually a complete collapse, of willpower and got 44 more yards in a massive midnight online spending spree at Fabric Mart. I was doing sooo well up until then. But Holy Moly, have you seen their sales? It’s just not right! I resisted the wool sale and the poplin sale and a whole series of 50% off campaigns, but when the 99 cent and the $1.99 sales hit at the same time as the 5 for $2.50 sale and the free 10-yard mystery bundle, it became too much to resist. Those Fabric Mart people are total enablers.

Got some of this (crocheted zig zag novelty)

and this (striped denim)

Actually I only bought 28 yards plus the free 10-yard bundle, but what with all the generous cuts and extra tidbits they like to throw in, I ended up with 44 yards. Whew! And that was after the big reorganization, so now it all needs to be re-reorganized to incorporate my new treasures.

I need to get it together and finish some sewing before the end of the year. And since I'm only writing for a couple of hours each day, there's really no excuse not to. Except for the beautiful weather. And the garden. And addressing Christmas cards. And lolling around in the blogosphere enjoying other people's wit and style. And the stack of sewing books I want to read. And the romance novels I want to read. No excuse at all.



  1. I enjoyed this post so much! You make us all feel better about our little lapses : > Love that zigzag fabric.

  2. Oh the joys of LIFO and FIFO! There is not an inventory method conceived that could make sense of my fabric stash either. It was incredibly well organized until the hurricane and flood hit; now it litters the guest room until the basement repairs are complete, which include my new sewing room. And in the great timing department, the scope of work from the insurance adjuster arrived over the weekend, allowing me to begin to search for a suitable contractor. Problem with that is there is a good chance that the mister will need to spend a few weeks at home in a hospital bed on the 1st floor between surgeries. The room best suited to accommodate that is the same room with basement access. I should probably give him priority over the contractor (and my sewing room!), right?
    xo, Anita

  3. Patti - so glad to hear other people have lapses too! ;)

    Anita - why does everything happen at once!?! I'm glad you're at least getting a new sewing room out of the disaster, eventually. Waiting seems like a pretty big sacrifice on your part, but I suppose it's best to give mister somewhere to rest, poor guy.