Monday, November 21, 2011

Season of Contrasts

Just thought I'd check in with everyone! We're having wonderful days and nights now… highs in the 60s for a couple of days, and an unexpected rain last night.

Mud puddle on flagstone, masquerading as abstract art.

I say unexpected rain, because we even if our meteorologists tell us rain is coming, no one believes them. The general assumption is they’ve all broken under the strain of endless sunny days and no longer have any idea what they’re talking about.

The garden is full of beauty (if I close my eyes to the weeds); the contrast of exotic fruits and flowers mingling with native trees and shrubs to create an unusual autumn palette.

First beans

Ancient lemon tree still going strong

Pyracantha in full flame

Mesquite pods

Baja Red Fairy Duster


I hope you are all enjoying the abundance of this season!



  1. Oh I am! I love this time of year! Your photographs are beautiful. In particular I adore the first one; it's suitable for framing!

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