Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Should Have Asked Santa

If I'd asked Santa for my new computers they would probably already be here, installed and running perfectly. Instead, I ordered from a major manufacturer's website. One computer was built and delivered within four days of my order. The other was delayed for two weeks and since then I've watched it via the FedEx tracking screen, making its way from China to Memphis, and now, hopefully, to Phoenix.

I could have ordered standard pre-built items. I could have bought something similar at the local office superstore. I could have done this any time other than the holiday season, when businesses get overwhelmed with orders and shippers get backlogged. So I guess I should stop complaining.

In other news, we are having some wild weather here. We had four days of overnight freeze, four days of high winds, and four days of pouring rain. Very biblical. I spent most of the time running in and out to put sheets over the plants or pull them off again. We'll probably be okay unless we get ice, wind, and rain all at once.

Unrelated note: A couple days ago I was out and about and saw a gas station selling regular for $3.02 per gallon. Could it go below $3? Amazing, considering it was up around $4 not that long ago. This was on the same day that there was a news story about Americans spending a record high percentage of their income on gas in 2011. The whole fuel industry is just such a mystery it's no wonder people think it's a vast conspiracy. I should ask Santa for some honesty and transparency in the petroleum business.

Even more unrelated note: Everyone's having babies! One of my cousins just had a big baby boy, another cousin is about to have her second child any day now, and the Piemaker's niece also just had a boy. Interesting trend - both of my cousins are starting their families in their late 30s to early 40s. Much love to the babies and mothers!

I hope you are all having some peace and joy during this holiday season.


All images from the amazing Graphics Fairy.


  1. Happy, happy Christmas to you, Katrina. I so enjoy your posts, and your comments on my blog. Here's hoping your electronics arrive pronto, the rains abate, and Santa brings lots of goodies to your hearth.

  2. That sounds so very frustrating! But it will be over soon, and the wait a distant memory.

    What crazy weather, it does indeed sound biblical! We had pouring rain and 60 degree temps yesterday; you are not alone in the craziness.

    How nice to be surrounded by all that newly born life; enjoy! And have a very merry Christmas!

    xo, Anita

  3. I hope your computer problems get sorted soon! (But if it makes you feel better, I heard that the elves at the North Pole provide lousy tech support). Merry Christmas!

  4. Happy Christmas - hope Santa was good to you!