Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When All Else Fails... Puppies!

I can't believe how dependent I've become on this whole computer nonsense. Damn newfangled technology! At this point I can't download, upload, or print anything, and I can't access anything on my desktop, including my photos.

There is hope! I have been led to believe that even now, new components are winging their way to me, prepared to improve my life immeasurably with their unimaginable processing speed, unlimited storage space, and magical powers.

In the interim, I remembered that I had these on facebook: puppies!

I wish you lots of puppies and other good things today. Hope to be up and running again soon.



  1. Happiness is a puppy! So two must be ecstasy : > What sweet, lovable faces.

  2. Hope you're all fixed back with us soon!