Friday, December 9, 2011

No Pie For Me

In case you wondered why I haven’t posted any pie photos recently, it’s because the Piemaker has been sidetracked. He’s completely forsaken his piemaking duties in favor of a new motorcycle. He now has four motorcycles (actually I say it’s five, but he won’t admit to the one that is a pile of parts stacked in the corner of the garage), so you’d think the excitement would have worn off, but he just can’t stay away from it. He hasn’t even ridden it yet – he just spends all day every weekend and every night after work pulling it apart, cleaning and fixing things, and putting it back together. The last few days he’s been coming in and saying “it’s almost done!” and I hear “pie coming soon!” but it never happens.

So I’ve had to eat cookies from Trader Joes and some old lemon squares I found in the freezer, and pumpkin pie left over from Thanksgiving.

My dad sent me some stollen, which if you don’t know what that is, it is a German bread with fruit and nuts. It’s a little bit sweet, but not like cake. To me it tastes like childhood and Christmas and family, and I love it.


Here is a photo of a stollen that looks pretty similar to ours

For my dad to make this and send it to me demonstrates just how pitiful I am, because he is taking care of my mom, who after a lifetime of independence is all of a sudden the queen of neediness. Just because she had a little bout of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and then six months of life-threatening effects from the chemo, now she’s acting like a big baby. She’s not as whiny as I am, but what with the limping and groaning, she’s definitely giving me serious competition for the most piteous wretch of the year award. Plus when I call them and say “I don’t have pie,” Mom says things like “can’t you make your own pie?” Okay, she doesn't actually say that out loud, but I can hear her thinking it. Thank goodness for Dad!

And that is the situation. Hopefully the motorcycle will really be finished soon and I will get pie.


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  1. This must be one of your rare posts that I missed! I wish that I had seen the picture that has caused all the fuss.

    I hope that your mother is doing well!

    xo, Anita