Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cool Beans

I do love me some green beans. But my poor little bean plants haven’t been happy with the cold weather. They started off well, and I had high hopes. Here they are at the end of November, with little pods already growing.
But then we had a series of very cold nights, plus some windy days, and I think the plants may have had too much to deal with at once. Even the wonderful rains we had a few weeks ago did not seem to perk them up. The plants are yellowish, droopy, and producing very little.

I picked these yesterday.
I also got one very good harvest a couple of weeks ago.

There are lots of tiny pods still on the plants, but I don’t expect them to develop unless the plants decide to perk up. I’ve given them a bit of fertilizer, and increased the watering. Maybe they will come back to life and give me some more beans – fingers crossed!



  1. I'm very envious of your weather. All I can do at the moment is dream in the seed catalogues. Cold wind? Not much ground between our garden and the arctic!

  2. What you did get looks pretty good! But I know how disappointing it is to do everything right for your garden, and have the weather betray you. Sending good thoughts for a bountiful final harvest!
    xo, Anita