Friday, January 27, 2012

Sewing for a Friend

As you know, I fear and loathe sewing for others. I have not yet developed the ability to flat-out refuse a direct request, but I do try to avoid any conversation that might lead to the dreaded plea for an alteration.

However, once in a while I find that the ability to sew is a great advantage in gift-giving. I can create an item that is specific to the recipient’s tastes and needs, and it will be one of a kind.

One deserving recipient is a close friend who has been in the hospital for many weeks with a series of escalating health conditions. At last count she’d had seven surgeries in six weeks. She seems to be stuck in an endless loop where an injury results in surgery which causes another illness which in turn results in another injury and the vicious cycle begins again. She’s made major positive strides only to be knocked back down again. I don’t know how she keeps her spirits up, as I am absolutely out of patience with the unfairness of it all. Still she stands as a beacon of optimism and positive attitude for the rest of us impatient souls.

I decided to make a small quilt for her. Approximately 36" x 45", it could be used as a lap blanket or wrapped around her shoulders when the hospital thermostat acts up.

RJR Summer Solstice (2010) fabrics

I’ve had these coordinating quilting cottons in the stash for many months. The brilliant colors are just the thing for a hospital patient! I did not do any fancy cutting and piecing; just one yard of the stripes on one side and a yard of the flowers on the other.

1" poly batting inside

I tufted it with turquoise/teal cotton embroidery thread.

It was a quick project that I hope will have magical healing powers (or at least bring a smile)!



  1. This quilt is so pretty, cheerful and cozy, Katrina. I am sure your friend (healing thoughts are sent her way) will love it. What a good friend you are.

  2. Great effect and colour combination.

  3. What a lovely gift for your friend, Katrina! I just love how cheery it is.
    People with that level ofresiliencee amaze me. I will keep her in my prayers.
    xo, Anita