Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things We Don’t Often See

On our lovely trip to Northern California, we saw many things we don’t get enough of in Arizona:

The color GREEN!



Dew (and a little friend)

Ancient oak trees covered in moss


Yes, we see plenty of jackrabbits in AZ, but they’re usually moving fast. This guy was happy to sit and eat while I took his picture.

We had a great but too-short trip. Our friend’s celebration of life was colorful, joyous, and sad, as it should be. My parents are doing wonderfully well, or else they are very good at hiding whatever may ail them. They entertained us with stories and good meals and loaded us up with books. (Probably the greatest fear known to anyone in my family is being trapped on an airplane for hours with nothing to read.)

Between family and friends we squeezed in a nice drive to the coast, and I will have a few photos to share with you next time.



  1. Glad you had a good trip and returned safely.
    Nice to see your photos and look forward to seeing more when you've settled in back home.

  2. The photos are wonderful - I love the old oaks, they are exquisite.

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I would miss exactly what you do if I lived in the desert. But I'm sure that what surrounds you must be beautiful in it's own way!

    I'm happy to hear that the celebration for your friend was beautiful. It's important to be able to honor people that way I think; it helps make the idea and thought of passineasierer to process somehow.

    And how wonderful to hear that your parents are doing well! Is there any such thing as too many books? I would rather carry my weight in books than risk being caught without.

    xo, Anita