Friday, September 30, 2011

My Palette Looks A Lot Like A Rut

Just the other day I declared that I would not be able to commit to a fall color palette because I like too many colors. Well I guess a palette chose me, because here are my last five projects.

Plus there was a green Duro-style dress and a green and blue Sorbetto blouse that I haven't posted. And let's not forget the all-green bedroom makeover. It's officially a rut!

I have always known that I liked greens and blues, but this is getting ridiculous. Okay, there's some black in there, but still. Plus I need to find a dress shape other than loose chemise with belt! I’m all for sticking with something that works, but I also like to have some variety in the wardrobe.

So, for the next few projects, no more blue and green, and no more dresses! Maybe some of those fall separates I keep thinking about even though it’s still over 100 degrees outside. Plus we’ve got men’s boxers coming up at MPB, and after that, lingerie with Mrs. Depew (must be underwear season!). There will be lots of opportunities for color.

Do you love working within a limited palette, or do you just use whatever color catches your eye at the moment?


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