Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Okay, I didn’t really have a vacation.

But I did create these fabrics on Spoonflower, and it was fun! I felt like I was at summer camp where they put a whole bunch of kids at a table with buckets of art supplies and then just let them have at it.

4 of my design attempts

You can make fabric from any image you can conjure up. It’s a good idea to get a test swatch before ordering a lot of yardage, because what you think you see on the screen is not necessarily what you get. My digital masterpieces looked couture-ready on my computer, but when I got my fabric it turned out that the design was four times larger than I expected and there were visible gaps where I’d tried to merge mirror images together in Photoshop.

I ordered fat quarters but you can also get 8” x 8” test swatches of your designs for $5 each. In my case it was lucky I got the 18 x 22 quarters because my images were so large I wouldn’t have been able to see them properly on a smaller piece!

I won’t be buying any more of these designs in their current state, although I might experiment with cleaning them up and resizing the patterns. The fat quarters I have will be perfect for pillows or for a book cover project I’m considering for holiday gifts.

So if you can’t find the precise fabric design you want, or you just want to try your hand at design, get on Spoonflower and have some fun!


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