Monday, September 12, 2011

Online Identity Crisis

I used to think it was hard to keep track of all my online passwords, but now the problem has spread to my online identities. There are too many of them! I have this Blogger identity which is my nom de plume, I’m on facebook under my actual name, my email id is a mashup of my name, I’m on Etsy as larkhenna, my eBay name is part of my email address, I post reviews on Pattern Review and several other websites as Casual Kate, my identity on some online writers’ forums is eyenow, and I’ve commented on other people’s blogs as Katrina, Kathy, or Katharine.

Recognize these?

I have at least six different avatars, and sometimes, if given the choice, I opt not to use one.
Is this what everyone does, or do you like to pick one identity and stick with it?


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