Monday, September 26, 2011

News and Notes for Smart Sewists

Woo-hoo! Two blog posts in one day! Actually the previous one was from Sunday even though I posted it today.

This is one of those catch-up, catch-all posts to keep you up to date on exciting happenings.

First, a reminder that my 40% OFF EVERYTHING sale in my Etsy shop ends on the last day of September, which is this coming Friday! Use coupon code "September" at checkout for the discount.

I do still have three large lots of patterns and a huge box of fabric listed, in addition to book collections, crafts, and vintage accessories.

Next, another Etsy seller and great blogger, Mrs. Depew, is having a fantastic giveaway here on A Few Threads Loose. Comment on her blog to enter.

Don't forget the MPB Men's Boxers Sew-Along, starting next Monday October 3! I am looking forward to this for several reasons: I think it will help me temporarily put aside my no-sewing-for-others mentality and get some holiday gifts sewn up. It should be a great stash-buster! And I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with a couple pairs of boxers for myself. Win-win-win.

If there are any apparel-sewing types in the Phoenix area, please check in with me here or on the regional forum on Pattern Review. There are very, VERY few of us in this desolate desert, and one or two members are looking for others to possibly do a meetup. In addition, I have four boxes of destash fabric I want to give to someone local who can use it. I'll probably post it on Freecycle, but wanted to offer it to fellow seamstresses in the area first.

What else is new and interesting?

Have you tried making up a color palette yet? I first came across it on Coletterie where everyone is creating a wardrobe sewing palette for Fall. Well, I don't think I'll be able to stick to one group of colors (I'm shy of comittment, plus it would encourage me to buy more fabric - a big No-No!), but once I got started with this color tool at Colour Lovers, I got kind of addicted. these are a couple of my palettes I made from photographs. So much fun, if you have several hours to lose in unproductive creativity.

And that's all the news I can think of right now!

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  1. Colour lovers is fun! I stumbled across it last week, made one pallette, and had to get off before I got too addicted. And I am looking forward to the MPB sew along also; me-made holiday gifts are the order of the day!
    xo, Anita