Monday, December 10, 2012

200th Post: I've Made Some Mistakes

Okay, time is flying by way too fast now.
Last week I was just getting used to the fact that it was December already, and now another whole week has gone by.

I’m rushing around trying to finish all the things that need to be done every year – doctor and dentist appointments, car and dog registrations, income tax and property tax, insurance payments, yardwork, home repairs, etc.

All of which means that I’m not getting around to the holiday stuff! I still haven’t sent out my cards. I still haven’t sewn up the Christmas gifts. I haven’t gotten a Christmas tree yet, although my box of ornaments is sitting conspicuously in the middle of the living room floor.

Now I see that I’m on my 200th blog post already! Somehow I’ve been doing this for more than a year. How did that happen?

In honor of my 200th post and in gratitude for you all putting up with my ramblings for this long, I think we should now look back and…

Laugh at my mistakes!

Yep, I know some of my blog entries have inspired an eyeroll or two, but believe me, there were some things that even I thought were bad.  Here are a few photos of projects that didn’t make it into the blog for GOOD REASON!

Plum Pleather Purse
This "ostrich" vinyl was awful to start with: cheap-looking, thin, easily scarred, and already crinkled and torn from shipping. Why did I bother trying to make a bag? It was supposed to be a practice run (a muslin, I suppose) for the pattern, but I put so much effort into it and it looked so ugly that it resulted in a strong vote against the pattern.

Lace Bumblebee
Some things you just don’t realize until you see the photo. This black and ivory lace was pretty but too formal for me, so I wanted to make it more casual by underlining it with a bright cotton. In hindsight, yellow is certainly the worst choice I could have made. Also, I guess it was temporary insanity that made me think a floor-length straight skirt was the way to go casual.

Scrappy Jacket

I do love rayon. I love the old, heavy rayon that had some texture and drape to it, and I even love the modern, thin challis that they sell these days. I have bags and bags of rayon scraps from all my projects and once in a while I think I should do something with them. Where I went wrong with that thinking was in the vertical stripes. For one thing, it’s rayon! Almost impossible to sew a straight seam, much less multiple, parallel seams.

But the bigger problem is that the alternating colors that looked so pretty laid out on the table ended up looking more like a referee’s jersey on the jacket. Why didn’t I make a simple quilt top? That would have been so nice!

More photos next time: nice subjects, but they never got posted because they didn’t quite fit anywhere.



  1. Pretty funny. We all have our crazy mistakes. What is worse is when you think about how much time was spent!

    1. Exactly! Hours of pattern-matching, french-seaming, zipper-inserting madness!

  2. Congrats on the 200th post and thanks for all the interesting and inspirational things you've shared.
    Mistakes are just part of the learning experience!

    1. Thank you! Now if I could just remember those learning experiences the next time!