Saturday, December 29, 2012

Since I Have Nothing New…

I guess I must have a pretty good life if the worst thing that’s happened to me is being unable to sew for the past two weeks. I injured my hand slightly during one of my gardening frenzies, but it didn’t heal well, so I ended up with a painful, red, balloon-shaped paw that kept me busy with trips to the Urgent Care facility, constantly changing bandages, and the biggest, yuckiest antibiotic pills ever invented.

Fortunately the pain is gone, but I can’t quite bend my fingers yet, so sewing is still off the activity menu for a week or two at least. Frustration!

Since I have nothing new to share, at the risk of making the year-end sewing round-up another dreaded tradition, I’m going to post a few of my favorite sewn things from 2012.
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Orange-Striped Jeans

Sailor Pants

Blouse - remake of a dress
Wrap Top - ITY

Blue Velvet Skirt
Cactus Skirt

Plaid Chenille Coat
40s Blouse & 80s Skirt

40s Dress - Button Print
40s Dress - Floral Print
Shirt dress - Cherry Print

Thank you for sticking with me through 2012 – it was fun! I wish you all a very healthy, safe and happy next year!



  1. Sorry to hear about your hand - how frustrating not to mention painful. Hope you're back to sewing soon.
    Impressive round up of dressmaking - give yourself a well earned pat on the back with your good hand!
    Thanks for sharing all your projects this year and very best wishes for 2013.

    1. As you well know! Hope you're back to perfect health and full mobility.
      My thanks to you as well!

  2. So sorry about your hand. Glad it is feeling better.

    1. Thank you so much. I was able to get away without all the bandages today! Freedom!

  3. Katrina - you should have those hands insured - they're so talented! Happy New Year to you! Stopping by your place this last year has been fun!

    1. Oh my, you are so nice! I think they might consider intractable clumsiness one of those uninsurable preexisting conditions.

  4. Happy NY to you dear Lady
    Hope your hand heals properly now
    Take care of yourself

    Ariane xxxx