Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beehive Wrap Top

Here’s another project that’s been waiting around for ages. It's finally finished!

I love bees, beehives, and bee lore, but I find it difficult to use the very literal bee-patterned fabrics unless it’s for home dec (as in bee pillows!)

So when I saw this ITY knit at Fabric Mart, called “beehive” but not at all obvious about it, I could not resist. I only got one yard, though, since I was unfamiliar with ITY and unsure about its sewability vs. my sewing ability. I agonized for a while about what type of a one-yard top I could make of it, as a plain and simple tee just didn’t seem special enough for such fabulous fabric.

Then I ran across Hot Patterns’ All Wrapped Up Tank, which is a free download at (they have some other nice patterns there, too). I liked the look of the top, and someone else on the blog had made it out of ITY, so I made the big decision and cut the fabric. Then I went into one of my production slowdowns and the whole thing went into a box in the towering stack of to-do sewing.

After the pink sewing pile was out of the way, this was unearthed next. It went together quickly, partly because I never even turned on the iron. (Much cooler work, too!) My machine is lacking in advanced stretch stitch options, so I just used a short and narrow zig zag.

Back when I cut this, I was aware that I rarely wear the tank tops I have, and I had cut the shoulders wide on the back, front, and wrap pieces. This worked quite well, giving me much more shoulder coverage. I think I might even try for a bit of a cap sleeve next time.
It actually looks nothing like a beehive, it's more of an abstract mosaic, but now it will always remind me of bees! This is already a favorite top.

What do you think about ITY – sewing or wearing it? (ITY = interlock twist yarn, a jersey fabric that is very smooth and stretchy; usually poly/spandex, although there are some rayon/spandex versions)
P.S. If you use one of the Hot Patterns downloads, don’t forget to check your size! They use a different sizing system (I’m a 10/12 in Hot Patterns, a 14/16 in the Big 4). If the sizing charts are not readily available at, go to Hot Patterns here.


  1. Thanks for the link to Hot Patterns - looks interesting!

    Dare I mention the word serger? You obviously don't need one though, your top's come out great. I think the fabric should be named "honeycomb" It's lovely and just my kind of print - some bright colour but limited palate rather than multi colour and mixed with black and grey, very classy.

  2. The new top is adorable. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. The way the middle is designed I imagine is very figure flattering! Good job!

  3. Cute top! Wrap tops are so figure flattering.

  4. Lovely top! I adore wraps so much; both tops and dresses, and all forms of jersey fabric as well. I do prefer rayon to poly, but have noticed that the polys are getting nicer and nicer.

    Have a great day!